Curriculum Vitae


Degree | 2018-2020 | UC Santa Cruz

  • Major: Ecology and Evolution
  • Applicable coursework: Ecology, Evolution, Research Writing, Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Botany, Ichthyology, Marine Conservation Biology, Ecology of Reefs Mangroves & Seagrasses, Marine Ecology.

 | 2016-2018 | Modesto Junior College

  • Applicable coursework: General Zoology, Biological & Anthropological Field Study to Santa Cruz Island, General Botany, Biological Principles, Calculus 1 & 2.

 | 2015-2017 | West Valley College

  • Applicable coursework: Marine Biology, English Composition, Critical Thinking Through Literature, Statistics.

Awards and Achievements

  • UC Santa Cruz:
    • Seymour Marine Discovery Center’s Student Research and Education Award
    • Dean’s List – Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Spring 2019
  • Modesto Junior College:
    • Awarded for Excellence in the field of Biology (Only recipient)
    • Awarded for Achievement in Zoology
    • Awarded for Achievement in Botany
    • Dean’s List – Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018

Skills and Certifications

  • Advanced Diver Certification – April 2019
  • Open Water Diver Certification – November 2018


Long Marine Lab Assistant | January 2020-Present | Long Marine Laboratory

  • Assisting with laboratory maintenance, animal feeding, and general upkeep.

Lab Organization Assistant | June 2019-Present | Modesto Junior College

  • Assisting Biology faculty members with laboratory organization and similar tasks, including:
    • Sorting arthropods from student collections
    • Sorting, identifying, and re-labeling pressed algal specimens

Undergraduate Research Assistant | October 2018-Present | Raimondi/Carr Lab

  • Assisting Casey Sheridan with mesocosm lab experiment:
    • Helped prepare experimental variables including kelp and sea urchins.
    • Entered data from trials into spreadsheets.
  • Creating senior thesis project:
    • Testing the prey preference of Cancer productus among urchins (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) from kelp forests, urchins from barrens, and other prey.

Operation Green Club Secretary | Fall 2017 | Modesto Junior College

  • As Secretary, my duties included:
    • Taking notes during meetings of those present and matters discussed
    • Sending weekly meeting minutes to club members
    • Tabling at Club Rush

Junior Instructor | 2016-Present | Athena’s Advanced Academy

  • As a Junior Instructor, I am responsible for:
    • Creating 8-week and 16-week long courses for middle school to high school level students
    • Creating engaging PowerPoint presentations for weekly lessons
    • Leading weekly lessons
    • Compiling resources & creating activities for students to complete each week
    • Grading student responses
  • Marine Science courses I created and teach:
    • Marine Ecology
      • This course is eight weeks long and focuses on developing students’ understanding of ecological concepts. Students are introduced to how to read scientific articles and take appropriate notes. Students are led through the process of creating a basic research proposal.
    • The Rocky Intertidal Ecosystem
      • This course is eight weeks long and will introduce students to the rocky intertidal ecosystem. Students explore challenges organisms face in the rocky intertidal and how they have adapted. Students are expected to complete a basic research proposal by the end of the course.
    • Marine Biology
      • This course is a semester-long, sixteen-week course based on Castro and Huber’s Marine Biology text. Topics include the major groups of marine organisms (e.g. fishes, cnidarians, arthropods), marine ecology concepts, types of marine ecosystems (e.g. coral reefs, kelp forests, rocky intertidal), and conservation.
    • All About Algae
      • This course focuses on the ecology and morphology of different algal groups/species, including the main macroalgae groups.
    • Marine Mammals
      • This course is eight weeks long and discusses each type of marine mammal, including pinnipeds, sirenians, and cetaceans.
    • Tropical Coral Reef Ecosystems
      • This discusses tropical coral reef ecosystems, including organisms that live in coral reefs, basic marine ecology concepts (e.g. symbiosis), the food web, and conservation.
    • Marine Ichthyology
      • This course is eight weeks long and will introduce students to major fish taxa, morphology, and ecology.
    • Underwater Forests: Kelp Ecosystems
      • This course will explore the different types of kelp-based ecosystems and the different types of organisms they support—offshore and onshore. Students will also explore how kelp ecosystems are influenced by the land, the sea, and the weather.

Social Media Consultant/Manager | 2016-Present | Athena’s Advanced Academy

  • As a Social Media Consultant, I was responsible for:
    • Assisting in creating promotional materials
  • As a Social Media Manager, I am responsible for:
    • Creating and posting social media promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.