About the Author

My name is Emma Stein and I just graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with my Bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolution. I’m particularly interested in marine ecology.

I’ve always loved the ocean, although I didn’t grow up anywhere near it. I’ve primarily lived in the greater Bay Area and Central Valley of California.

While at UC Santa Cruz, I assisted the Raimondi-Carr lab, which has been a remarkable experience. It’s quite literally been a dream come true! I’m currently working on my senior thesis, which was delayed due to the pandemic.

I also teach gifted children online through Athena’s Advanced Academy as a Novice Educator. My classes thus far include: Marine Biology, In-Depth Marine Biology, Marine Biological & Ecological Independent Study, Marine Mammals, The Tropical Coral Reef Ecosystem, Marine Ecology, The Rocky Intertidal Ecosystem, Marine Ichthyology, All About Algae, and Underwater Forests: Kelp Ecosystems.

I’m looking forward to creating more classes, learning as much as I can, and eventually earning my PhD.