About the Author

My name is Emma Stein and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolution from UC Santa Cruz & a Master’s degree in Marine Biology from Bangor University. I’m particularly interested in marine ecology.

While at UC Santa Cruz, I assisted the Raimondi-Carr lab, which was (and continues to be) a remarkable experience. It was quite literally a dream come true! I’m currently managing the research project I started as an undergraduate at UCSC.

At Bangor University, my supervisor was Dr. Martyn Kurr. If you would like to learn more about the research I completed while in Wales, click here!

I also teach gifted children online through Athena’s Advanced Academy. Click here to view my courses that are currently open for enrollment & click here for a list of all the courses I teach!

In my spare time, I enjoy reading scientific articles, writing, gardening, using dichotomous keys, and exploring marine ecosystems!

I’m looking forward to creating more classes, learning as much as I can, and eventually earning my Ph.D.