About the Author

My name is Emma Stein and I’m currently an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz studying Ecology and Evolution. I’m particularly interested in marine ecology.

I’ve always loved the ocean, although I didn’t grow up anywhere near it. I’ve primarily lived in the greater Bay Area and Central Valley of California– until now! I’m thrilled to be living by the ocean because I can now regularly participate in my favorite pastime: “finding something on the beach that I don’t recognize and proceeding to identify and research it in great detail.”

Since arriving at UC Santa Cruz, I’ve been assisting in the Raimondi-Carr lab, which has been a remarkable experience. It’s quite literally been a dream come true! I’m currently working on my senior thesis.

In my spare time, I teach gifted children online through Athena’s Advanced Academy as a Junior Instructor. My classes thus far include: Marine Biology, In-Depth Marine Biology, Marine Biological & Ecological Independent Study, Marine Mammals, The Tropical Coral Reef Ecosystem, Marine Ecology, The Rocky Intertidal Ecosystem, Marine Ichthyology, All About Algae, and Underwater Forests: Kelp Ecosystems.

I’m looking forward to creating more classes, learning as much as I can, and eventually earning my PhD.